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Santo Domingo coffee its mild and soft, characteristics of an island coffee. There is a lot going on in this cup, it has a lot of different flavors. The main flavor linked to the acidity are grapes and apples. There is also hints of vanilla and spice (allspice) that lies behind the fruit in the coffee beans.

This is clearly an island (Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Jamaica) coffee and not from high altitude. The cup has a lot of different flavors which makes it complex.

You will enjoy this excellent Dominican Coffee.

Roasted to a dark brown.

What our customers say...

I drink my coffee black and with no sugar. This coffee is very very good black and offers a complex range of flavors.

Rated by Douglas Gaston IV

I have been drinking this coffee for 3 years,medium strength,with milk(cafe con leche)style. I love it, you will not be disappointed with a fresh pot. Great afternotes on the tongue.

Rated by Dan Edwards

My husband and I were introduced to this coffee on our honeymoon in Punta Cana. It literly wakes us up in the morning with its outstanding aroma from our lower level. The taste is rich, smoothe and just delicious. I actually find myself craving the flavor! I ordered us 4 pounds for Christmas and we've enjoyed it so much that we just opened our last bag this morning. Soooooooooooo good!!! Sharon and Scott -- Dayton, Ohio Jan. 23, 2007

Rated by Sharon Epp

My husband and I discovered this coffee on a recent trip to Cabarete, Dominican Republic. It is probably the best coffee I've tasted and is the only one we now drink!

Rated by Arlene Imagawa

While on holidays in Peurta Plata we discovered this wonderful coffee, have been trying to find it ever since I got back to Canada, I finally found this website, and have an order coming. Can hardly wait, I love this coffee

Rated by Janet Toner

Like many people, I got hooked on Dominican coffee during a vacation there. Santo Doming is somewhat mild, but at the same time full of distinct island flavors that come through loud and clear. We drink nothing but Santo Domingo at this point, and fortunately it's reasonably priced, so we can make it our every day coffee.

Rated by George Bacharach
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